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A few words about us

SUP Samsø Watersports is a small stand up paddle board and sit-on-top kayak rental firm located a few hundred meters from the beach at Ballen, Samsø.

We offer high quality, inflatable paddle boards and sit-on kayaks for hire that are suitable for adults and children. We also offer hire of neoprene wetsuits and boots for cooler days when the sun refuses to shine. A wetsuits can greatly extent the amount of time you can spend on and in the water and also offers protection against UV radiation.

Fantastic place to paddle board and kayak.

Perfect location

Paddle boarding is easy to learn, but if you want to improve your skills quickly, we offer individual or group paddle board instruction.

Samsø is a fantastic place to paddle board and kayak. There are lots of exciting and stunning flat water locations, such as Stavns Fjord, and if you are feeling adventurous, you could try your hand at small, wave-surfing either side of Ballen Harbour when the conditions are right.

Video of a nice day at the water

Video of a nice day at the water with SUP Samsø Watersports

1.745 hours of sun

The Danish municipal with most hours of sun in 2017

Ca. 100 km.

Nice costline

12 SUPs

in all sizes and styles

7 kayaks

in all sizes

Kayaking is fun for all ages

Lovely for All ages

With the right instructions everybody can learn to sail a Kayak and we a re ready to help you and your family.

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If you have questions we are just a cll, +45 5013 0646, or an e-mail away,


Nylandsvej 27, Ballen 8305, Samsø

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