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We provide training for individual and groups in stand up paddle boarding.

Please contact us to arrange a time or book a session using our website’s booking system. 


A good start at a new hobby is essential to have a good experience. That’s why we are offering beginners courses for both SUP and Kayak sailing.

  • The basic training covers foundation techniques and safety on the water for those new to stand up paddle boarding.
  • Training normally takes places on one of Ballen’s two beaches, but the location may be varied to ensure optimal learning conditions depending on the weather.
  • The instruktor, Graham, is certified as a level 1 and 2 instruktør with Dansk Sejle Union, which covers both foundation and advanced paddle board techniques.
  • We provide wetsuits and flotation vests for training so you are warm, safe and comfortable on the water.

The courses include all the training you need to feel safe on the board or in the kayak. We fit the training to your experience and are also able to bring you to the next level if you are already a seasoned sailer.